Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics Launches New Online Store

Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics Launches New Online Store

West Des Moines, Iowa

Beauty is now within easy reach. Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics, an emerging name in the field of natural skin care and cosmetic products, recently launched a new online store.  This Black and woman owned skincare line is reaching cult status among beauty mavens nationwide.


Products Made with the Miracle Ingredient, Shea Butter

Shea Glam’s products primarily contain Shea butter, which boasts a concentration of fatty acids and natural vitamins that nourish skin inside and out. All the ingredients are carefully chosen for every product; in fact, Shea Glam works with a team of chemists to ensure the effectiveness and safety of each product.





Most Shea Glam offerings contain zero parabens, and are made with 100% natural ingredients. All their hair products are sulfate-free as well. Many individuals, spas, and salons even prefer products from Shea Glam, as it is a cosmetologist-recommended skin care and cosmetics brand.

Their much hyped Seaweed Bliss Collagen Lotion  is filled with 7 botanical ingredients, as well as numerous anti-oxidants to rapidly restore firmness and elasticity to overworked skin.


Free Shipping Throughout the US


The skin care and beauty product provider offers free shipping throughout the US on all orders of $75 and up. They deliver via USPS, and process orders the same business day for fast transactions.

 Their blog features unique advice on natural skin and hair care.



About Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics

Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics have become the go-to skin care brand of many spas, salons, and retailers .They offer products for retail and wholesale, and have gained the trust of users that prefer quality products and excellent customer service.  Their e-commerce site is





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